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Biography [2/4]

At the same time the two soundmen continued to keep a strong link with Dresden’s underground scene performing in squats and at illegal open air parties all over town, making Reggae niceness become more popular. Ever since 1995 Whitebread has always made its musical contribution the annual Bunte Republik Neustadt, a huge street party taking place every summer in Dresden’s most buzzing district.

In late 1998 musical changes were about to occur again. Another style of Reggae music, the most authentic one perhaps, was slowly superseding digital dub - Dancehall Reggae, Jamaica’s current folk music. From now on Dub lost much of its territory and the Dancehall sets grew steadily. In early summer 1999 the first Strictly Dancehall session took place during a party at Dresden’s Academy of Fine Arts. The reaction of the crowd to the new sound was hilarious. From now on Dancehall became Whitebread’s main occupation and with every session they were able to present their music closer to the original. Some microphone entertainment and an electronic gun were added to the performance... Big tings a gwaan!

Since then Whitebread have been the leading force of Dresden's Reggae community. Numerous sound systems from all over Germany were invited by them to play in Saxony's capital and the potential of Reggae music was acknowledged by more and more people. Since summer 2000 Dancehall Reggae sessions take place almost every week in Dresden.

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